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The spiral welded steel pipe is stored in a well ventilated shed

Spiral welded steel pipe forming process, the steel plate deformation uniform, residual stress is small, the surface does not produce scratches. Machined spiral steel pipe in the diameter and wall thickness of the size range of greater flexibility, especially in the production of high-grade thick-walled pipe, especially in small and medium-sized thick-walled pipe with other processes can not match the advantages to meet the user In the spiral steel pipe specifications more requirements.

The use of advanced double-sided submerged arc welding process, can be achieved in the best location of welding, not prone to wrong side, welding and not welding and other defects, easy to control the quality of welding.

100% of the steel pipe quality inspection, so that the whole process of production of steel pipe are effective in the detection, monitoring under the effective guarantee of product quality.

The entire production line of all the equipment and computer data acquisition system with the network function, to achieve real-time data transmission, by the central control room on the production process of technical parameters.

1) Small and medium sized steel, wire rod, steel, medium diameter steel pipe, steel wire and wire rope, etc., can be stored in a well-ventilated shed, but must be under the pad.

2) some small steel, thin steel, steel, silicon steel, small diameter or thin-walled steel pipe, all kinds of cold-rolled, cold-drawn steel and high prices, easy to corrode the metal products can be stored into the library.

3) Storage of spiral steel pipe products in the site or warehouse, should be selected in a clean, clean place, away from the production of harmful gases or dust of the factories and mines. On the ground to remove the weeds and all the debris, keep the steel clean.

4) large steel, rail, humiliation plate, large diameter steel pipe, forgings, etc. can be open piled up.

5) in the warehouse shall not be with the acid, alkali, salt, cement and other materials with aggressive erosion of steel together. Different varieties of steel should be stacked separately, to prevent confusion, to prevent contact corrosion.

Spiral steel pipe stacking principle is required in the palletizing stability, to ensure the safety of the premise, to do according to varieties, specifications palletizing, different varieties of materials to be palletizing, to prevent muddy and mutual erosion;

It is forbidden to store objects that have an effect on steel around the spiral steel pipe stack.

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