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Structure of shell and tube heat exchanger

Shell and tube heat exchanger and tubular heat exchanger. Is to close the bundle in the shell wall as heat transfer surface heat exchanger. The heat exchanger has the advantages of simple structure and reliable operation, and can be used for manufacturing various structural materials (mainly metal materials), and can be used under high temperature and high pressure, and is the most widely used type.


The shell and tube heat exchanger is composed of a shell, a heat transfer tube bundle, a tube plate, a baffle plate, a baffle plate and a tube box. The shell is cylindrical, the inside is provided with a bundle, and the two ends of the tube bundle are fixed on the tube plate. Heat transfer of hot and cold two kinds of fluid, a flow in the tube, known as the tube side fluid; the other one in the tube flow, known as the shell side fluid. In order to improve the heat transfer coefficient of the tube, a plurality of baffles are arranged in the shell body. Baffle plate can improve the speed of the shell side fluid, forcing the fluid to pass through the tube, and enhance the degree of fluid turbulence. Heat exchanger on the tube plate in an equilateral triangle or square arrangement. An equilateral triangle arrangement is compact, high degree of turbulent fluid outside the pipe, heat transfer coefficient; the square array tube is convenient cleaning fluid for easy scaling.


Each of the fluid is called a tube through a tube bundle; each is called a shell through the shell. This is the most simple single shell and tube heat exchanger, referred to as the 1-1 type heat exchanger. In order to improve the speed of the fluid in the tube, the baffle plate is arranged in both ends of the tube box, and the whole pipe is divided into a plurality of groups. This fluid is only through the part of the tube, and thus in the tube bundle from several times, this is called a multi tube. Similarly, in order to improve the tube flow velocity, the longitudinal baffle can also be installed in the shell body. The fluid is forced to pass through the shell space many times. Multi tube range and multi shell side can be combined with application.

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