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Step of connecting pipe

Connections between pipes, pipe couplings, valves and equipment, and the connection between the pipe, the nature of the fluid, the pressure and temperature, and the pipe material, dimensions and installation sites, and other factors. There are 4 main methods, such as threaded connection, flange connection, socket connection and welding:

Threaded connection: mainly suitable for small diameter pipe. When connecting, generally want to be in the thread connection part wrapped around the fluorine plastic sealing tape or coated with thick paint, around the hemp wire and other sealing material, to prevent leakage. When the pressure is above 1.6 MPa, the end of the pipe is generally sealed with a gasket. This connection method is simple, can remove the heavy equipment, but must be installed in the appropriate place of the pipe joints, in order to facilitate disassembly.

Flange connection: larger diameter range. According to the nature of the fluid, the pressure and temperature of the use of different flange and sealing gasket, the use of bolts to keep the sealing gasket. In the pipeline and the pipe and the pipe and the equipment which are often assembled and disassembled, the connection of the pipe and the pipe and the equipment is adopted.

Socket connection: connection for cast iron pipe, concrete pipe, clay pipe and the connection parts, only suitable for working in low temperature under the condition of water supply, drainage and gas pipelines. When connecting, usually in the socket slot to fill in flax, cotton or asbestos rope, and then use of asbestos cement or other materials can also lead filled, the socket is filled in the rubber sealing ring, which has good flexibility, there is a small amount of allowable pipe moving.


Welding connection: this joint strength and tightness of the best, applicable to all kinds of pipeline, saving labor and material, but the demolition must cut off the pipe and pipe fitting.

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