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Spiral welded steel pipe is made of strip coil welding

The production process is different, the spiral pipe is made of steel strip crimp welding, seamless tube is made of billet into a square tube without welding points. Use is different from the spiral tube pressure is not as good as the seamless square tube pressure is high, the price is different, seamless square tube production capacity is low, the spiral tube production capacity is high, two kinds of the same type of square tube seamless square tube expensive , If not the pressure is not high or spiral more economical.
Do you know what is the difference between a spiral tube and a seamless tube? Analysts believe that the acceleration of global economic recovery is one of the important factors driving the rebound of the square tube. Prior to the US stock market on the other side of the tube plate short emotions, but recently with the United States, Europe and China better than expected economic data released, the market sentiment has improved.
Spiral tube execution standards and dimensional deviations
Spiral tube implementation of the standard is divided into standard and GB standard, the standard spiral pipe is divided into SY / T5037-1999 spiral, GB / T9711.1-1999 spiral, GB / T9711.2-1999 and other implementation of the standard Spiral tube.
The service life of the spiral pipe has a great influence on the consumer's use cost. So how do we increase the service life of the helix? Spiral tube manufacturers of experts to tell you that lead to spiral tube damage, the most important factor in the use of life is its corrosion. So we need to avoid corrosion from the perspective to extend the service life. Spiral tube corrosion and its use of the environment has a great relationship.If the spiral pipe use the environment there are many corrosive substances, then it will soon be seriously corroded, resulting in damage.
So we need to minimize the contact of corrosive substances and tubing. At the same time we also have a lot of effective ways to improve the corrosion resistance of the spiral pipe.Experimental manufacturers of industrial refrigeration manufacturers to tell you that the cathodic protection, galvanizing and so are very effective spiral tube anti-corrosion measures. Take cathodic protection method It is possible to avoid the reaction of the spiral tube and the corrosive substance by the sacrificial protection of other metals.

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