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Big Diameter Steel Pipes - How to make a right choice ?

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Big diameter steel pipes, either spirally / helically seam welded or longitudinally / straight seam welded, are cold-formed and welded by submerged-arc welder or electric resistance welder.

Longitudianlly seam welded pipe (SAWL) is widely used as the main pipeline for oil and gas and other fluid as well. Ez Steel LSAW plant can produce OD: 457 mm -  1422mm   Length: 6000mm - 12,500mm  Wall Thick: 10mm -  50mm. Material grade from S235 up to S490 (API 5L GR.X70 equivalent). It is also widely used for tubular piles in civil construction and marine works.

Spirally seam welded pipe (SAWH) is mainly used for tubular piling works. It is designed as pile casings, or permanent casing as well. SAWH has strong side-pressure-resistance character due to the spirally-forming process. Ez Steel SAWH plant can produce OD: 219mm - 3048mm  Length: 6000mm - 75,000mm Wall Thick: 5mm - 25mm  Material grade from S235 up to S490 as well. Also SAWH pipe can be used in low pressure big-size pipelines. It it he most economic piping material for big sizes above 219mm diameter.

Straight seam welded pipe (ERW) is electric resistant welded after cold forming, generally  the welding seam shall be removed both inside and outside. Ez ERW plant prodduce: OD 26.7mm - 660mm   Length: 6000mm - 18,000mm  Wall Thick: 1.2mm - 18mm, material grade up to S490 (API 5L GR.X70 equivalent.). ERW pipes are wildly used in oil / gas pipelines, and also used for structures as well. ERW has been used to replace SMLS pipe in most cases, which is considered an more economic way for general use.


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