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Precautions for Seamless Rectangular Tube

Seamless rectangular tube usage is very high. However, the general construction side before the construction of the pipe, pipe, rubber ring and so do a visual inspection, found to have problems to give up.

1. Clean seamless pipe mouth: the mouth of all the debris removed scrub clean.

2. Clean the apron, the apron: the adhesive ring on the adhesive wipe clean, the apron bent "plum-shaped" or 8-shaped socket into the slot, and press the rubber ring along the entire hand again, or rubber Hammer hit real, to ensure that all parts of the apron is not Alice is not twisted, evenly stuck in the slot.

3. Brush the outer surface of the socket and the apron lubricant: Brush the lubricant evenly on the inner surface of the bead ring installed in the socket, the outer surface of the socket when brushing lubricant outside the socket line to the socket part of all the brush uniform.

4. Under the tube: the tube should be required to seamless tube down to the bottom of the moment, usually under the artificial pipe or tube method under the law.

5. Installation of equipment and equipment: the equipment will be ready to install the equipment in place, careful not to clean the installation of the seamless tube parts of the re-pollution.

6. Push the seamless tube into the socket: during installation, in order to insert the socket into the socket is more labor-saving, smooth. First of all, the socket into the socket and the socket to the mouth of the pressure on the rubber ring, then a good rope and inverted chain, tighten the chain; until the socket into the socket all in place, between the socket and the socket should be left about 2mm gap , And to ensure that the mouth around the outer edge of the same distance to the apron.


Installation process, pipe, tube axis to be in a straight line, or easy to top of the apron, affecting the installation of quality and speed. Seamless rectangular tube installation should be flat, seamless rectangle between the tube should be a straight line, in case of tilt angle, be careful. If the insertion resistance is too large, do not force the insertion to prevent the rubber ring from twisting. Rubber ring oil is suitable for vegetable oil; cold winter, the rubber ring can be used to preheat hot water to reduce the hardness, rapid installation.

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