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Introduction to cast iron pipe

Cast iron pipe for cast iron pipe. Cast iron pipe for water supply, drainage and gas transmission pipeline, it includes the cast iron pipe and pipe fittings. Labor intensity is small. According to different casting methods, divided into continuous cast iron pipe and the centrifugal cast iron pipe, wherein the centrifugal cast iron pipe is divided into two types of sand and metal. For pipe and cast iron pipe ductile cast iron by different materials. According to the different forms of interface is divided into flexible interface, flange interface, self anchored interface, rigid interface etc.. Among them, the flexible iron pipes rubber sealing ring; flange interface cast iron pipe flange fixed in the rubber pad, the flange gasket sealing; rigid interface cast iron pipe socket is large, straight pipe is inserted, sealed with cement, this technology has been basically eliminated.

Our ductile iron pipe production enterprises mainly concentrated in Liaoning, Shandong, Hebei, East and other regions, and Southern China, southwest and northwest areas of the tube manufacturer. At present, with the development of economy in China, the implementation of the western development strategy, increasing water diversion, the old city, west east gas pipeline renovation, ductile iron pipe gradually expanding the application field of optimism.

Connection method of cast iron pipe


The connection between pipe and pipe, the socket type or the flange disc type interface, can be divided into two kinds of flexible interface and rigid interface according to the function. Flexible rubber ring seal, allow a certain degree of rotation and displacement, and thus has a good seismic performance and sealing, than the rigid interface installation is simple and rapid, according to the casting method is different, the labor intensity is small.

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