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Introduction of thin wall steel tube

Thin wall steel tube is the ratio of outside diameter and wall thickness of steel pipe is more than 20. Thin-walled steel thin-walled steel tube is formed by cold drawing. The carbon steel, low alloy steel, alloy steel tube for general structure and mechanical structure; thin fluid pipe for conveying fluid; used in chemical, petroleum, light industry, food, machinery, instruments and other industrial heat-resistant container pipeline and mechanical structure of stainless steel pipe.


The billet is fed into the furnace and the temperature is about 1200 degrees centigrade. Fuel for hydrogen or acetylene. The furnace temperature control is the key problem. Round billet released after pressure punch through the air. Are generally more common puncher piercer, this machine has high production efficiency, good product quality, perforation diameter enlargement, wearing a variety of steels. After the perforation, the round tube blank has been successively three roller cross rolling, continuous rolling or extrusion. After extrusion to remove pipe sizing. The sizing machine through the cone bit high speed rotating into the steel embryo hole, the formation of steel pipe. The diameter of the pipe diameter is determined by the diameter of the diameter of the diameter of the drill bit. After the pipe is fixed, it enters into the cooling tower, through the water spray cooling, after cooling, the steel pipe should be straightened. After straightening, the steel pipe is sent to the metal detector (or water pressure test) to carry out the internal detection. If there are cracks in the steel pipe, bubbles and other issues, will be detected. After the steel pipe quality inspection but also through the strict manual selection. After the steel pipe quality inspection, paint on the number, specifications, production batch number, etc.. And by the crane into the warehouse.

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