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Introduction of heat sensitive sensing heat exchanger

A heat sensitive heat exchanger unit is a hot and cold mixed type direct heat exchange unit, heat transfer efficiency can reach the limit of one hundred percent, the same traditional recuperative heat exchanger such as shell and tube heat exchanger are essentially different, as everyone knows the traditional recuperative heat exchanger due to its own fatal flaw existence: noise and vibration, it is difficult to get a wide range of market promotion and customer identification. Due to various reasons, the pressure fluctuation caused by the system can cause the heat exchanger to run a strong noise, which brings great inconvenience to users.

A heat sensitive heat exchanger unit successfully overcome the technical defects of the existing heat exchanger, heat transfer and mass transfer through the injection principle combined to eliminate the large noise source caused by the pressure fluctuation of the system, not only to achieve zero thermal resistance and cold sensitive thermal exchange, more fully with the sensible heat of condensation of water. The heat exchange efficiency reached very high level, in addition to the product itself to make full use of steam with pressure inside and outside energy, promote the cycle of the whole system, greatly reduces the consumption of power system for promoting circulation, and condensed water can be recycled 100%, without special reasons under the system without additional pay. So that the products fully meet the steam saving, electricity saving, water-saving trinity of energy saving effect, for the user and society to create a significant energy saving benefits, the value of the product to further increase. Because the condensed water to be recycled water system, the whole system is completely replace the pure condensate at the source, thus completely eliminating the possibility of the whole system of the scale, the radiator heat exchanger to the user from the main run in an ideal condition, greatly enhance the heat exchange system the heat transfer efficiency and the service life of the unit.

Technical characteristics:

1. Heat transfer, heat transfer efficiency, heat transfer efficiency up to 100%.

2. The condensed water is fully recovered, the whole system of water recycling, self-cleaning anti fouling, heat exchanger, radiator and heat exchange system can maintain long-term stable and efficient heat exchange performance and minimize system scaling phenomenon, not because it is difficult to overcome the drawbacks of fouling and reduce the heat transfer efficiency.

3. The heat exchanger is made of stainless steel, the product structure design is scientific, the process is well made, the service life is long, and the product can reach more than 20 years.

4. The key parts of Germany advanced technology and order processing, so the host is not affected by the steam pressure and the system pressure, the effective elimination of noise, steam hammer phenomenon, the whole machine running smoothly.

5. Condensate water is completely absorbed and utilized, there is no special reason for the system, and no need to set up the water supply device, which greatly saves the system water and running costs.

6. The machine has the advantages of compact structure, small occupied area, greatly reduce the construction cost, at the same time, due to the high heat transfer efficiency, operation system and without pay, the entire unit of steam and power saving, water-saving three-in-one, create considerable energy saving benefits for users.

7. The unit has high intelligent automation control function, can realize the overpressure and over temperature protection, steam power is automatically cut off and the outdoor temperature automatic compensation function and can realize remote monitoring, provide operation platform for users to sleep without any anxiety.

8. The broad field of application, can be widely used in factories, food, medical, power machinery light industry, civil construction and other fields of heating, hot water bath and other purposes.


9. Wide application conditions, can be used for large pressure, temperature range of heat exchange.

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