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For the introduction of the pipeline

Pipe is a device for conveying gas, liquid or fluid with solid particles, which is connected with a pipe, a connecting piece and a valve. Usually, the fluid is pressurized by air blower, compressor, pump and boiler, which can be used to the low pressure from the high pressure of the pipeline. Pipeline is widely used in water supply, drainage, heating, gas supply, long-distance transport of oil and natural gas, agricultural irrigation, hydraulic engineering and a variety of industrial devices.

1. According to the classification of materials: metal pipes and non metal pipes.

2. According to the design pressure classification: vacuum pipe, low pressure pipe, high pressure pipe, ultra high pressure pipe.

3. According to the transport temperature classification: low temperature pipe, normal temperature pipeline, moderate and high temperature pipeline.

4. According to the conveying medium classification: water supply and drainage pipeline, compressed air pipeline, pipeline, pipeline, hydrogen oxygen acetylene pipeline, heating pipeline, gas pipeline, oil pipeline and toxic fluid pipeline, toxic fluid pipeline, pipe, boiler tube, acid-base refrigeration pipeline, gas pipeline, pipeline water purification net.

Determination of pipe diameter


When the fluid flow is known, the diameter of the pipe depends on the allowable flow velocity or the allowable frictional resistance (pressure drop). When the flow rate is large, the pipe diameter is small, but the pressure drop is increased. Therefore, when the flow rate is large, the investment of pipeline construction can be saved, but the energy consumption cost of the pump and the compressor and other power equipment is increased. In addition, if the flow rate is too large, there may be some other unfavorable factors. So the pipe diameter should be decided according to the construction investment, operation cost and other technical factors.

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