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Boiler tube import and export situation

Boiler tubes are mainly imported from Japan, germany. Often imported specifications are 2734.0mm; 15914.2mm; 219.110.0mm; 41975mm; 406.460mm, etc.. The smallest size is 31.84.5mm, the length is generally 5 ~ 8m range.

In the case of import claim, Germany imported ST45 mannasiman steel pipe seamless boiler tube, the ultrasonic inspection survey, found that the internal defects of steel pipe factory more than the small part of the German Steel Association standards and regulations.

From Germany imported alloy steel pipe, steel are mainly 34CrMo4 and 12CrMoV. The high temperature performance of this kind of steel tube is good, and it is usually used as a steel tube for high temperature boiler.


Japan imports more alloy tubes, specifications have 426.012mm5 ~ 8m; 152.48.0mm12m; 89.110.0mm6m; 101.610.0mm12m; 114.38.0mm6m; 127.08.0mm9m, etc.. Japanese industrial standard JISG3458 steel STPA25. This kind of steel pipe is usually used as a set of high temperature alloy tubes.

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