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Advantages of submerged arc welded steel pipe

In the use of helical submerged arc welded steel pipe and the production process, the human invention of a lot of excellent welding and production methods, greatly promoted the steady and rapid development of the industry, but also makes the industry in the development of optimization. Which submerged arc welding is a new welding method invented in 1940, it is the same as the previous manual welding is it or the use of slag protection, but the residue is not the electrode of the drug, is a special melting out of the flux The
Into the welding wire, with the welding device and the wire to the wire, continuously sent to the welding wire, this welding method is a continuous feeding of the wire, in the melting of the granular flux cover arc, so that welding wire, And a part of the flux melting and evaporation constitute a cavity, the arc is stable combustion inside the cavity, so it is called submerged arc welding. The arc is buried inside the cavity. The welding system consists of a funnel installed by a pipe through the pipeline to the front of the welding. The second difference is not using the electrode, the use of welding wire, because the wire can be continuously given; electrode, we burn a welding rod A welding head to throw, and operation to stop, change the electrode and then welding.
And this welding method compared with other methods is a great advantage. Spiral seam submerged arc welded pipe this welding method.
The first advantage is the complete realization of the automation; the second advantage, it is under the submerged arc welding, so its heat exchange and protection performance is relatively strong, welding quality is relatively high; the third advantage, due to submerged arc Automatic welding in the arc buried under the welding, so it can use high current, welding efficiency is relatively high.

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