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304 stainless steel polishing performance

304 304-based derived from the 304 stainless steel family, the appearance of processing functions are very good. Currently on the market commonly used in the appearance of processing can be used in 304 stainless steel.
First, dry grinding drawing
The most common on the market are filament and short wire, 304 series stainless steel through the processing of such appearance, showing outstanding decorative effect, to meet the needs of the usual decoration materials. In general, 304 stainless steel can be a good effect after a frosted.
Because such processing equipment cost low, simple operation, low processing costs, the use of a wide range of processing equipment must be selected. So most of the middle of the processing can be supplied filament and short filament matte plate, during which 304 steel accounted for more than 80%.
Second, oil mill wire drawing
304 series of stainless steel through the oil mill reflects the perfect decorative effect, widely used in elevators, home appliances and other decorative panels. Cold-rolled 304 stainless steel is usually in a matte before the trip to reach an outstanding role in the current market there are some processing can supply hot-rolled stainless steel oily grinding process,
Oily drawing also has filaments and short filaments. Elevator decoration usually use filament, and all kinds of small appliances, kitchen utensils and other two kinds of texture are selected.
Three, 8K processing
304 series of stainless steel in the 8K processing significantly better than 200 series of stainless steel. By 2B cold rolling appearance through 8K grinding, usually through a pass the processing can reach the mirror effect. The current nitric acid with iron oxide red 8K grinding technology, low prices, the value of their own low cost equipment, so the overall low cost of grinding, has been widely implemented.
Four, titanium
High-end decoration materials selection, with a rich role, 304 series of stainless steel used very early in the titanium decoration, widely used in elevators, construction and decoration materials

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