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Type of shell and tube heat exchanger

The shell and tube heat exchanger is different from the temperature of the fluid inside and outside the tube, and the temperature of the shell of the heat exchanger is different from that of the tube bundle. Two if there is a great difference of temperature change, will produce a great deal of thermal stress in a heat pipe, resulting in bending, fracture, or from the tube plate. Therefore, appropriate compensation measures should be taken to eliminate or reduce thermal stress when the tube bundle and the temperature difference between the shell and the shell is more than 50. According to the compensation measures adopted, the shell and tube heat exchanger can be divided into the following main types:

Tube plate and shell tube bundles are connected into a whole, has the advantages of simple structure, but only suitable for cold and hot fluid temperature difference, and heat exchanger shell operation without the mechanical cleaning process. When the temperature difference is slightly larger and the shell side pressure is not too high, the elastic compensation ring can be installed on the shell to reduce the thermal stress.

The tube plate of floating head type heat exchanger is free floating, eliminating the heat stress completely; and the whole bundle can be extracted from the shell, easy cleaning and maintenance machinery. Floating head type heat exchanger is wide, but the structure is complex, high cost.

U tube type heat exchanger each tube is bent into U shape, both ends were fixed in the same tube plate up and down two zone, with the tube box of the partition into two rooms. The heat exchanger completely eliminates the thermal stress, simple structure than the float, but the tube is not easy to clean.

Eddy heat exchanger membrane membrane using eddy current eddy heat hot film heat transfer technology new heat exchanger, by changing the motion state of fluid to increase the heat transfer effect, when the medium after surface vortex tube, strong erosion surface of the pipe, so as to improve the efficiency of heat transfer. Up to 10000W/m2. At the same time, the structure can realize the functions of corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, high pressure resistance and anti scaling function. The fluid channel of other types of heat exchangers is a fixed direction flow, the flow is formed on the surface of the heat exchange tube, and the convection heat transfer coefficient is reduced.


The biggest characteristic of the eddy current heat exchanger is the unity of economy and security. Due to the heat exchange tubes, flows between tube and shell, no longer use baffles forced to hold back the way out of the turbulence, but by the heat exchange tubes naturally induced formation of alternate vortex flow, and in ensuring the proper power of fibrillation keeping heat exchange tube do not rub against each other under the. The rigid and flexible configuration of the heat exchange tube is good and will not collide with each other, which not only overcomes the problem of the damage caused by the collision between the floating coil heat exchanger, but also avoids the problem that the common tube shell type heat exchanger is easy to scale.

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