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Spiral tube surface treatment method

1. Clean

Application of solvent, emulsion cleaning steel appearance, to remove oil, grease, dust, lubricant and similar organic matter, but it can't remove the steel surface rust, oxide, flux, and the only accessory as produced in corrosion.

2. Derusting tools

The primary use of wire brush tools such as grinding of steel surface, can remove the loose or tilt of the scale, rust, welding slag etc.. Hand tools rust can reach Sa2 level, Powertool cleaning can reach Sa3 level, if the steel surface attached to iron oxide solid, tool cleaning result is not ideal, is not up to the requirements of the construction of anchor depth of corrosion.

3. pickling

The common used chemical and electrolytic pickling do two methods of disposal, pipeline corrosion only by chemical pickling, can remove the scale, rust, old coating, sometimes used as sand blasting after disposal. Chemical cleaning, of course, can make the appearance to reach the degree of cleanliness and roughness, but its shallow anchor, and easy to form pollution.

4. (left) shoot derusting spray

Spray (throw) after shoot derusting large power motor to drive the spray (throw) shot blade with high speed steel grit, steel shot, torsion, the wire section, minerals and other abrasive spraying on the outer surface of steel pipe in centrifugal force under the effect of shot (impeller) disposal, not only can completely eliminate rust, oxide and dirt, and steel in abrasive ferocious the impact and friction force, but also to achieve the required average roughness.


Spray (throw) shot derusting, physical adsorption effect can not only expand the pipe appearance, adhesion and mechanical effect can enhance the anticorrosion layer and the outer tube. Thus, spray (parabolic) injection is an ideal method for removing rust rust corrosion protection of pipeline. In general, blasting (sand) rust is mainly used in the inside and outside of the pipe surface disposal, blasting (sand) is mainly used for surface disposal of pipe rust.

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